Exhibitions, POSITIONS and Publications

Group Exhibition. Mutuo Gallery “Passage across no spaces. October, 2018. Barcelona, Spain

Group Exhibition. Atlanta Gallery Cooperative at Ponce City Market. March, 2018

Group Exhibition. Atlanta Decorative Arts Center. April, 2018

Group Exhibition Thomas Deans Fine Art, January  22, 2018, March 23, 2018 

Group student exhibition at Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery. New York City. February, 2018

Group student exhibition at Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery, New York City, 2017 

Painting published as exemplarily work in the Art Students League of New York’s 2017/2018 catalog. 

Judge and Panelist for the painting competition “Portraying the Undocumented Experience” organized by the Latin American Association of Georgia held at Museum of Contemporary Art Georgia, Atlanta, GA, 2017

Group student exhibition at Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery, New York City, 2017 

Judge for the painting competition “Portraying the Undocumented Experience” organized by the Latin American Association of Georgia with winners having work exhibited at the High Museum of Atlanta, 2016

Album Cover for Moderno Album of the Band A Slow Boat to China, 2016

International Online Juried Exhibition “Colorful Abstractions” at, 2015


Metafora Arte Contemporani, Barcelona Spain, Conceptual Art History and Practice, Sept. 2018-Current

The Art Students League of New York, New York, NY, Painting and Drawing  May, 2016 - March, 2018

University of Georgia School of Law, Athens, GA, Juris Doctor 2003

University of Georgia, Athens, GA, Arts Baccalaureate Magna Cum Laude Philosophy, Minor Italian 1998


Art History, Traveling, Italian Literature, Writing, Cooking, Soccer.


Completely fluent in English, Farsi and Italian.






Hooman Khoshnood is an Iranian-American painter who works primarily with oil on canvas. His work is emotional, colorful and energetic.  

Mr. Khoshnood’s education in art and art history can be best described as following an “old school” path of apprenticeship, mentorship and critique. At the age of 10, through his insistence, young Mr. Khoshnood was permitted to visit the atelier of a well-regarded Italian artist in his sixties in Genova, Italy. That single visit turned into regular visits after school, and Mr. Giancarlo Bargoni’s began to relay his knowledge to the young artist.  During those visits, the Italian master discussed and taught history, theory, and painting technique, and critiqued young Mr. Khoshnood’s paintings. But more importantly, the Italian Master exemplified to Mr. Khoshnood the lust and joy for painting.  

Mr. Khoshnood has painted ever since. Regardless of his other roles as a father, a lawyer, a business owner, an employer, and a world traveler, Mr. Khoshnood has maintained studio practice. His relationship with Mr. Bargoni is ongoing and Mr. Khoshnood visits his mentor annually in France or Italy. 

In June of 2016, Mr. Khoshnood began attending  the Art Students League of New York, where he was exposed to a uniquely American sense of aesthetics in abstract art echoing in many ways the views of Clement Greenberg.

Being educated in distinctly European style of abstract painting Italy followed by education in an American abstract style of painting have given Mr. Khoshnood a very diverse and unique prospective on abstract art.



Artist Statement

My paintings embrace the creative energy that arises out of an internal dialogue accepting,

processing or struggling with different emotional states. The painting process is instinctive and

spontaneous. Each painting relates to a state of mind that comprises a multiplicity of emotions.

Some of these emotions are conscious and reflect my state of mind at the time of painting.

Some run in the background and I lack awareness of them at the inception of the painting.

Some of the more common felt emotions are: alienation, pain, lust, fear, uncertainty,

contentment, anger, appreciation, disappointment, deep sadness, betrayal, frustration,

helplessness, and empowerment. The struggle or collaboration between conscious feelings

and what’s going on at a subconscious level adds mystery and unpredictability to my work. I

view color as a fundamental method of expression. Deliberate and calculated color

applications are suppressed. Spontaneity and intuition, in my judgment, create successful

painting. The painting process ends when the feeling of discomfort impairs my ability to either

add or subtract from the canvas.